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Creating The Biggest Community.

Mch E-Sports was Planned in 2021 to craft interactive entertainment to the Content Creating world.

Mch E-Sports is the First Company Which Deals in Both, Influencer & Event Marketing and Management. Soon Entering ESports Industry Too.

Mch E-Sports Aims To Create a Strong and Effective Community of Creator's , Influencer's, Brand's and Fan's. 

Mch E-Sports Was Founded & Planned In 2021 By Anish Jajodia ( Ceo & Founder ) and was Later, joined by Ritik Agarwal as ( Ceo & Founder ) in 2022.

Quick Facts

Team Members

Years of Experience

Growth Rate

We’re based in 
Surat, India.

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Mch E-Sports Deals in Influencer Marketing & Management and in Event Management. 

Headquarter In Surat, Gujarat. India.


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It takes the world's best talent to change the game.

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