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Event Manager

Employment Type: Online

What You’ll Do

An event manager is in charge of planning, organizing, and executing all types and sizes of events, like musical concerts, food festivals, and conventions. You'll meet with clients to assess their needs and determine the purpose of the event. After setting an objective, you'll meet with organizers, vendors, and other event specialists to develop an agenda. Financial management is also an important component of this career; an event manager must work within budgetary constraints set by the client.

Who You Are

Event Manager is a management professional who is an expert in managing/organising the event of high magnitude successfully.

Event management has become a very sort after career option in recent past. The best thing about event management as a career is that it does not require much investment and offers a lot of independence and flexibility. Although no formal degree or qualification is required to be an event manager but certain traits are definitely required in the person opting this career ie. the person should have a genuine passion for conducting events, have a very good organising ability and be flexible to work for long hours.

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