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InFluencer Manager

Employment Type: Online

What You’ll Do

Influencer managers ensure the success of a brand’s influencer marketing strategies and campaigns. They manage the end-to-end influencer marketing campaign’s operation from searching potential influencers to establishing relationships, collaboration, content formation, and strategy execution.

Before you even think about approaching an influencer for potential collaborations, make sure their audience is a decent match for your buyer persona. For example, it wouldn’t do to ask an influencer in the swimming world to pitch soccer equipment. Although most swimmers do practice another sport, they look to the swimming influencer for advice on swimming suits or goggles. On the other hand, if the same brand sells gear bags and towels, the influencer might be interested. However, they’d only help you sell the swimming equipment lines. Any benefit to the other product lines from such a collab would be secondhand.

Who You Are

The responsibilities involved in this position are:

  • Finding and pitching influencers

  • Running influencer campaigns

  • Maintaining influencer relations

  • Monitoring results from influencer campaigns

  • Knowing the legalities involved in influencer campaigns 

  • Planning influencer events and trips

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