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Influencer Marketing Manager

Employment Type: Online

What You’ll Do

an influencer marketing manager is responsible for taking an influencer campaign from start to finish. You’ll be creating campaigns around a unique vision, drafting the proposals for this campaign, and deciding on the KPIs so that you can measure the campaign’s success. 

You’ll also be reaching out to the influencers that your brand will partner with. You’ll need to draft outreach email templates that you can use for your campaign, and you’ll need to keep a watchful eye on your email inbox so that you can respond to any influencer questions. 

You may also need to provide assistance when the influencer is creating content. They may need guidance or a creative push in the right direction. In any case, you’ll still need to be in constant contact with your partners to keep the campaign moving forward. 

Who You Are

An influencer marketing manager should fit into and support the overall goals of the marketing team. With that in mind, you’ll need to coordinate with the rest of the team to make sure that influencer content is shared with the social media manager, links are clearly tracked to differentiate between your campaigns and the campaigns from the rest of the team, and that your campaigns support the messaging for the rest of the brand. 

Influencer marketing campaigns can support the other initiatives of the marketing team. A good influencer marketing manager will work with the rest of the team so that the timing, theme, and deliverables from their campaign can help power the rest of the brand’s marketing channels.

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