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Merchandising Manager

Employment Type: Online

What You’ll Do

Merchandising managers choose and purchase the various products offered for sale by a variety of retail outlets. They oversee a staff and maintain a budget while performing assigned duties that enable a successful company. The primary goal of a merchandising manager is securing the best goods for the lowest cost to the company. A number of employers also assign marketing duties to merchandising managers.

Who You Are

Merchandising managers are expected to be knowledgeable about company needs and goals. Most merchandising managers keep a close watch on inventory levels and the needs of clients. An integral part of merchandising management is monitoring the sales histories of various products to maximize efficiency of retail space.


The ability to negotiate favorable terms is a highly desirable quality among merchandising managers.

The needs of different businesses and organizations have created a demand for merchandising mangers with unique experience. Wholesale buyers and farm products purchasers are two of these specialized merchandising managers. Some merchandising managers focus on securing the tools and skills necessary to produce specific products.

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